Bail Bonds In Orange County

When a person is arrested in Santa Ana, the amount of bail is usually automatically set by the Orange County Bail Schedule. ‎ If the detainee or his/her family or friends don’t have enough to cover the bail amount, they enlist the services of a Santa Ana Bail Bonds agent. For a premium of between 8-10% of the face value of the bail, the agent agrees to put up the full amount of the bond. There are many types of arrests we can help you with:

  • Domestic Violence
  • DUI
  • All Felonies
  • All Misdemeanors

We have a lot of resources on our site, and we cover all cities in Orange County, as well as all of the Jails.

When dealing with a company that posts Santa Ana Bail Bonds, it shouldn’t matter if you’ve been arrested for domestic violence, DUI, or assault. The booking process in Orange County will be the same . When the officers from the Santa Ana Police Department arrest you, you will initially be taken to either the Santa Ana Jail or one of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s substations. If the detainee isn’t able to post bail quickly, he will soon be transferred to the Orange County Central Jail Complex and will be held there until their “Arraignment.” Arraignment is the first actual court appearance by the detainee. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is. Bail can be posted at any time by one of our licensed, experienced Santa Ana Bail Bonds agents.



Challenging a DUI Arrest in Santa Ana

Have you been looking to remove your DUI penalty? A report stating that a man or woman has been successfully prosecuted in Orange County for an offense doesn’t always imply that the person is responsible. This can be the rationale why you need to clear the DUI penalty prior to being confirmed responsible and prior to the police inputting it in the criminal history records, which then becomes a public record.

The steps you have to go through to be able to get rid of a DUI history are challenging, particularly if you’ve seen a friend or loved one go through it. If you have been successfully prosecuted for a DUI in the past, you’ll definitely understand how difficult removing a DUI arrest from your record could get. You’ve already spent a lot of money paying an Orange County Bail Bonds company to get released in order to prepare for your defense.

To get rid of your DUI penalties, you must hire an Orange County DUI lawyer that has expertise in these types of situations; evidence that you were not drunk, and a BAC amount that is below.08%. Getting arrested has probably already been an expensive proposition for you. You probably had to pay a Santa Ana Bail Bonds company. The guidelines and procedures differ from various states but the majority of DUI records could be expunged. Even though it is difficult, many DUI’s could be wiped out if you undertake several steps.

To make sure that the level of alcohol in your system is assessed appropriately, you have to keep in mind that breathalyzer tests are evaluated on the normal person’s BAC amounts. These details are useful in case your BAC and level of tolerance vary from that figure.

In order to get a good criminal defense, you need to keep in mind that several beverages such as certain types of coffees could make breathalyzers provide an incorrect BAC reading. You can get rid of your DUI penalties if what you are ingesting was not an alcoholic beverage but something else that could have thrown the reading off.

In case you have evidence that you were not in an impaired state when you got pulled over by the Santa Ana Police, you may have a decent chance of preventing a DUI sentence. This state could be supported when you had a BAC level lower than the California thresh hold of .08%. You need to keep in mind that if your behavior shows that you were impaired during the time of the assessment and the State gives adequate proof to verify it, your disputes will be overruled. You will definitely be guilty of a DUI. This is one of the main reasons you should contact an Orange County DUI attorney as soon as possible.

Using the aforementioned easy steps, you might be taking the first small step to clean your DUI record, provided that you adhere to them. You must do what the official tells you to complete to prevent adding new penalties to your DUI and lessening your opportunity of cleaning your DUI penalty completely. You need to also understand the conditions that may impact the result of your BAC along with the standard level of BAC to make sure you have a chance of succeeding in getting your DUI arrest thrown out of court.

Consequences Of A DUI Arrest

dui arrest santa ana

Driving under the influence could be one of the dumbest things that we ever do in our life. Almost every person that we know of did this stupid thing at least once in the past. Some of us during the teenage years, some of us at the later stage, but we usually only remember a DUI arrest because of the consequences. Being arrested for DUI is not one of the worst things that can happen in our life. It would be much worse if we hurt someone while driving under the influence. While being intoxicated, our reflexes work slower, our vision gets blurry and fake courage to drive faster and crazier comes hand in hand with all of that. Once something happens, we start thinking about what we did and we would like to turn back time, but our time-machine is broken! It’s at times like these that your reputable Santa Ana bail bonds agent can be your best friend.

Best case scenario consequences

Being pulled over by the Santa Ana Police Department and arrested is the best case scenario. Might sound sarcastic, but this is the best case scenario. As long as no one got hurt – everything else will come and go. When driving under the influence, most of the time the driver will be arrested and taken to the police station. The body itself will get rid of alcohol or any other substance within 48h to the point that you can get back on your feet, unless you went too far to the point that you have to be hospitalized and “washed”. If this is the first DUI on your record, on many occasions the defendant might be released by the Judge at the first or second court hearing while taking a plea bargain and closing the case fast. If the defendant has prior similar convictions – the sentence imposed would be longer and classes would be most likely assigned. Although the process can be long, an Orange County Bail Bonds company can at least help mitigate the initial shock of being arrested.

DUI and immigration consequences

If the defendant has a permanent resident status (green card holder), a first or second DUI should not put his permanent residency in danger, but when this goes beyond the point of second conviction – the defendant would most likely have a case heard in front of the Immigration court. On many occasions this first detention is mainly just a serious warning. If the defendant has strong ties to the country, such as his own business, wife, kids, house etc – he will have several hearings, but at the end get released. Any further arrests and convictions might put him in a position to be deported.

BAC limit

The majority of the States have set .08% Blood Alcohol Concentration as the maximum allowed limit. On the other hand, commercial drivers are not supposed to go over .04% . Young adults below the age of 21 are in the worst situation. Based on the history of incidents related to DUI, they hold the top position. For that reason, there is a zero tolerance limit―even the smallest amount of alcohol can lead to a DUI arrest anywhere in Orange County. After the initial arrest of a minor, one of our Santa Ana bail bonds representatives can usually get a minor released in under an hour.

Besides being arrested, DUI can bring you other consequences, such as higher insurance rates and even put you in the position to loss the job, especially if your job has anything to do with driving.

While the driver has the right to refuse chemical testing, if he does so – his license would be suspended automatically, since testing is a condition to keep the license.

Some people believe that coffee, a cold shower or even exercise would do something to make them more sober, but there is nothing that takes the place of time itself. Some statistics say that many drivers drive even more than 100 times under the influence before they get arrested for the first time. On the other hand, every hour someone in the United States dies as a result of DUI.

Driving under the influence of Marijuana

Many times when we think of DUI we consider only consumption of alcoholic beverages before driving. Besides alcohol, usage of illegal drugs is also prohibited; even more so when someone drives. Some States allow these days Marijuana usage for medical purposes, while at the same time people know how to abuse these benefits that were created for seriously sick people. It is proven that Marijuana helps individuals that have cancer or HIV. These benefits are often abused. People these days claim to have chronic pain in their back and similar things just to get “the license”, so that they can smoke legally. Even in the States where the usage of Marijuana is totally legal or legal just for medical purposes, individuals cannot be under the influence while they are behind the wheel. Being under the influence of Marijuana while driving can push someone in the direction of making foolish choices. On many occasions, police can easily recognize that someone is under the influence of Marijuana. Some of the most common actions taken by drivers would be loud music, driving too fast or too slow, slow speaking once pulled over etc. At this point, statistics again come in showing that about 10% of deadly accident victims tested positive for THC. As with alcohol, if you are arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana one of our Santa Ana bail bonds agents can have you out of any jail in Orange County in less than an hour.

Survive the weekend – life is long

If you decide to relax and have couple of drinks this weekend with your friends, take a cab back home. While you might spend couple of dollars more than driving home with your vehicle, you will not risk going to jail, losing your job, hurting yourself and others.

Call Us When You Need Reputable Agents

If you are looking for a reputable Santa Ana bail bonds company, you’re in the right place. We offer top notch bail service throughout Orange County California. Our headquarters is conveniently located in Santa Ana, California. You can access our services any time day or at night as our Orange County main office as well as branch offices operate 24/7. You can also visit our Santa Ana Bail Bonds office at 921 N Poinsettia St. The nearest cross streets are East Washington Avenue and Penn Way. Our services benefit all of Southern California.

Our Orange County Bail Bonds Staff Are Knowledgeable & Professional

One of the main reasons why we come highly recommended from people who have worked with us in the past is our ability to find a bail solution tailor-made to suit your individual needs. We also strive to be different from other Orange County bail bonds companies is our ability to offer:

  • low down payments
  • signature bonds
  • extended payment plans
  • free consultations
  • mobile services

Working with our bail agents is smooth and memorable because from the first minute you contact our Santa Ana Bail Bonds company, you can rest assured that you will get prompt results and only honest answers so you know exactly what you will be getting into. From day one, we have been focusing on offering affordable bail options to all our clients; something our competitors just haven’t been able to achieve. We value our clients and offer them nothing but the very best. This is one of the reasons why we encourage all our customers to go through all the bail options available and understand them fully to know how California bail system works. We have an entire section on this website offering free information on the criminal justice system in California. Knowing what the legal bail rates are is critical; bail rates are set by California’s Department of Insurance. We are confident that we will end up being your one and only choice as you can be assured that you will end up with the best Santa Ana Bail Bonds company in Orange County.

We Offer A High Level Of Professionalism

This is regardless of whether you visit our physical location or call to inquire about our bail services. Our staff is always willing and ready to treat you with respect. You will get incredible treatment from all our staff regardless of whether you are dealing with management or any other level of staff. This is because all our staff go through thorough scrutiny to ensure that we only hire the best. It is also important to note that our Santa Ana Bail Bonds staff has to go through compulsory continuing education which means that they get to know the latest techniques used on the job to offer the best results. During this time, they also go through assessment to ensure that they are the best persons for the position. They are also well versed with all the rules and regulations that govern California bail bonds. Because we have the best staff in the industry, we are confident that our clients will be satisfied with their experience with us. Our helpful staff will take you through all the steps of the entire bail process to ensure that it flows smoothly and you understand what the legal system is all about. If you ever need our services, do not hesitate to contact us right away to get all the help you need. This way, you get to benefit from reliable and respectable services from one of the best Santa Ana Bail Bonds organizations in existence. Call us now at (phone number).

Get A Fresh Approach And Outlook

You can rest assured that you will get top quality Orange County Bail Bonds service as we have mastered the art of offering high quality responsiveness thanks to the experience we have gotten being in the industry for more than ten years. We started off as the “New Kid On The Block” when we first started in Southern California. In the early years, our highly dedicated team was determined to start offering top notch services learned from some of the top bail companies in Orange County. Most of our representatives started working as bail agents and worked their way to the top climbing to the highest possible positions.

This saw the opening of an independent Santa Ana Bail Bonds agency in Orange County because during their early years, they found there were some inherent flaws in the industry. Beginning a completely different bail company offered a sound solution that could be offered to counter the problems.

The agents who receive your calls are some of the most successful agents in the Santa Ana Bail Bonds industry. They have worked with many clients in the past by providing quality bail services. This is for a very good reason as through this we have managed to build and maintain a stellar reputation. This has gone a long way to earn us respect from various government entities such as the Orange County Courts and the Law Enforcement community which was mainly achieved through treating everyone with respect. We recognize that all of us have a fundamental right of remaining innocent until proven guilty.

When working closely with a Santa Ana Bail Bonds agent who will hold your hand during the entire process, you can feel comfortable that you are getting top notch services from a reputable company that has a progressive and long standing presence in the Orange County community. These are people who know the bond process like the back of their hands and will do everything that is within their power to see you get your freedom.

Please contact us with any questions.

What You Should Know About Bail Bonds in Orange County

Bail bonds are an intricate part of our judicial system yet many people fail to understand how they work. Some people may not even know what a bail bond is while others believe that they need some form of collateral before their loved ones can get out of jail. This misconception causes many people to endure a lot of pain as their loved ones stay in the Orange County jail unnecessarily. We can help you during this troubling time. Our Santa Ana Bail Bonds representatives normally require a signature from a credible person. We will then bail your loved one out of the Orange County jail system.

Our firm makes the Orange County bail bonds process simple, effective and convenient. For example, you can complete this process from the comfort of your home by emailing or faxing us your application. You can also meet a licensed Santa Ana bail bonds agent from our firm at a location of your choosing. This allows you to carry on with your daily duties without any interruption while we take care of your bail bond needs. We also make the payment process easy by accepting credit cards, debit cards or cash. We have an in-house financing scheme with zero percent interest for those who may wish to use this option. You should work with us because we are the most professional and affordable Orange County Bail Bonds firm you’ll find.

It is also important for you to understand how this judicial process works. The setting of bail happens after the person in question is in custody. A bail schedule details a charge and a corresponding bail amount to that charge. The county judges of Orange County develop this bail schedule on an annual basis. Licensed Santa Ana Bail Bonds agents follow this bail schedule closely. You should note that the actual bail amounts might differ from the amounts indicated in the bail schedule because judges have to consider other factors. These factors include the severity of the crime, the existence of a prior criminal record and the circumstances of the case.

Booking Procedure In Orange County

Once you get arrested, the most common thing would be that the police officer reads “Mirada rights” to you. That means that he is going to inform you of your rights and the most known would be the right to remain silent, to hire an attorney and if you don’t have financial means – the one would be assigned to you at the public cost.

Temporary hold

Temporary hold in the police station comes right after someone gets arrested. An individual is usually placed in temporary holding cells, on many occasions local police stations. At that point he receives a booking number. Booking number stands for the tracking number for an individual. Based on that number, an inmate and the case can be easier found. United States is well known as the most diverse country in the world. On many occasions, name could be misspelled. However, once the booking number is assigned to an individual, all further steps would be tracked by that number. Booking number would be also visible to the public. Hold in the police station usually takes no longer than one or two business days, in other words: until an individual sees the judge. Being arrested on Friday could be a real nightmare for someone, since he will have to spend the whole weekend behind the bars until he gets transferred to the court for the first hearing. This part of booking procedure also includes making a list of all personal belongings that an individual got arrested with, such as clothes, shoes, watch, cell phone, credit cards, money and so on. While all the things would go in the bag assigned to the defendant, money will go on “books”. That means that the defendant will not have cash in his pocket, but rather money is going to be placed on the defendant’s account number. Yes, booking number is also a jail bank account number in a sense.

Phone calls

As soon as someone gets behind bars, he can make several different phone calls at no cost or in some facilities might be an option of collect call on receiver’s expenses if the receiver accepts the call. Calls are usually monitored for the purpose of preventing further illegal activities and obstruction of justice.

When the bail amount would be set?

If you got arrested in Orange County, California the Orange County bail bonds amount would be set by the police at the point where you receive the paperwork indicating the penal code violation and description of the offence. If you have a proactive Santa Ana bail bonds agent, paperwork will be prepared fast and you might get released even within a few hours. Besides proactive bail bond agent, time-frame of the defendants’ release would also depend on cooperation with a family member and possible co-signer that would help the defendant fight for his rights “from the outside” by using an Orange County bail bonds agent.

Visits in Orange County jail and police station

Visits made by an attorney are more flexible due to a nature of visit intention and for the purpose of handling the legal matter. Visits by the family members and friends are usually set for the specific time. They are usually 30-60 minutes long, but they also depend on how many inmates are currently booked and how long the waiting line is.

Procedure beyond the police station

Business day has arrived and transfer of defendants to the court has been made. Before the case even gets to the judge’s desk, District Attorney will review the case and at that point many things are possible. The District Attorney might not even continue with the same charge. He can decide if he is going to increase the charge based on the facts, drop the case or further proceed with the same charge based on which the defendant originally got arrested for. Same as with the Santa Ana bail bonds amount, setting the charge might become a procedure in which District Attorney reviews all the circumstances including the previous criminal convictions made by the defendant in the past. Everything is possible at this point. If the District Attorney decides not to “drop the case” and further proceeds with the charge, the defendant will have to see the Judge. The Judge might review the circumstances and decides if the bail amount set is too high, too low or correctly set.

After the first hearing is done

The majority of the defendants who do not get released by an Orange County bail bonds company at the first hearing by the Judge will be transferred to permanent housing units – jails and will wait for the next court hearing. On many occasions, the case procedure might be over even at the first hearing if the defendant plea bargain and takes the charge offered by the District Attorney. Trial stands for time consuming and expensive procedure and everyone is trying to avoid it including the District Attorney itself.

Permanent housing

Unit number and the bed (bunk) will be assigned to the defendant (an inmate). Orange County jail system will selectively place inmates together according to the charge and criminal past. Your Santa Ana bail bonds agent will be able to discuss the process with you in detail. Non-violent crimes and inmates with no previous criminal background will be placed in lower security level, while the gang members and serious criminals would be placed in the units where the higher security level would be needed without so much freedom of roaming around. Low level crime inmates might also get an option of working as volunteers in Orange County jail, which gives them more options of time spending and better overall conditions. Inmates with felony cases that end up with the sentence of over a year are subject to transfer to the State prison, while they were just temporary held in Orange County jail.

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