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Call us NOW at 714-656-3411 for an IMMEDIATE Bail Bonds Costa Mesa consultation.

Why call us?

  • We can meet you at the Costa Mesa jail or any jail in Orange County.
  • Our agents are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • You speak DIRECTY with a knowledgable Costa Mesa bail bonds agent, not just some assistant.

Don’t leave your loved one stuck in the Costa Mesa jail even one second longer than necessary. We have “Bail By Phone” options to get your loved one out FAST. After your loved one has been arrested by the Costa Mesa Police Department, she or he will initially get processed at that jail facility.
One of the reasons it is critical to contact our Bail Bonds Costa Mesa agent as soon as possible is that the jail at the Costa Mesa PD is a short-term facility. If your loved one is still at the Costa Mesa facility, we can get them bailed out immediately. Before long, though, your loved one will be transferred to the main county jail in Santa Ana. If this happens, we will have one of our Santa Ana Bail Bonds agents meet with you to get your loved one out ASAP.
Bail rates are set by the California Department of Insurance. The current rate is 10% of the face value of the bail amount. However, in many situations agents are authorized to offer a 20% discount. Call us at 714-656-3411 for additional information.

  • Collateral not always needed
  • Co-signers not always needed
  • 0% FINANCING!!!

Our Orange County Bail Bonds agents are standing by now to answer any of your questions.
No transportation? No problem!! We can meet you at any location, and even give your loved one a ride home from jail.
We realize that these are tough times financially. We WILL work with you to figure out a realistic payment plan that fits your budget. We don’t just go by a credit score. Because we don’t need to get clearance from some manager, we can keep our focus on getting your loved one back home. We do everything possible to get you financed. Don’t wait another second to contact our Bail Bonds Costa Mesa specialists.

Costa Mesa Jail
99 Fair Dr
Costa Mesa, CA
(714) 754-5113

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by Chuck Portola

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