History of the Huntington Beach PD

The police department in Huntington Beach Ca is made up of 239 sworn law enforcement agents. Their professions vary from Neighborhood Enhancement Group, Swat, Patrol Officers, Detectives, Directed Enforcement Group, SWAT, Beach Information, Narcotic Officers and Helicopter Bureau.

There are 149 civilian positions in the Huntington Beach PD. A few of those are Public Records Officers, Communication Operators, Records Clerks, Detention Control Officers, and Crime Scene Investigators.

These people accountable for safeguarding over 210,000 citizens and 12 million visitors to Huntington Beach every year. All 33 square miles of the city and 9 miles of coastlines are protected by the Huntington Beach PD making use of quads, choppers, automobiles, quads, and bikes.

The Huntington Beach Police Department staff members are dedicated to serving the neighborhood with respect.

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