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If someone close to you has been arrested by the Laguna Beach Police Dept., they will temporarily be placed in the Laguna Beach Jail Facility, which is located at the Laguna Beach Police Department. In order for them to be bail bonded out, a specific amount of bail has to be raised. The amount is based on the Orange County Bail Schedule. Call us now at 714 656 3411 for immediate assistance.

We are here for all of your Laguna Beach Bail Bonds needs. Our experienced, professional bail agents have a thorough working knowledge of the jail facility at the LBPD. Because we are able to authorize a bond right over the phone, we can have your loved one out quicker than any other bail company in Orange County. Our Laguna Beach Bail Bonds agent can meet you at the jail, or wherever is convenient for you. If transportation is an issue, no problem! We can arrange transportation right over the phone! If you’ve had your car towed due to being arrested for Driving Under the Influence, make sure you also contact an Orange County DUI lawyer. With our “Bail Now, Pay Later” finance program, we are the most accessible bail company in the County. We have long experience in this area and we understand how difficult these things can be. Our job is to assist you in making it a little less difficult.

For information, get in touch with our office, which is situated close to the jail facility used by the LBPD. That helps to speed the bail bonds process.

About the Jail

Laguna Beach Police Station is one of Orange County’s substations. The facility is used for both sexes, and once booked in they usually remain there until their court dates. This can change if the LBPD decide on a transfer to a County Jail in the vicinity. Assuming they are kept in custody, they are taken to the Inmate Reception Center in Santa Ana. If that happens, you can contact our Santa Ana Bail Bonds office.

Once there, a decision will be made by the IRC about where to transfer the inmate. In the case of female inmates, they usually go to the closest women’s jail and stay there. Being bailed out of the substation is the best option for inmates, since it can take a couple days to process a transfer to a County Jail.

Regardless of where a person is being held, they must be completely booked in before they become eligible to be bail bonded.

Since LBPD is a 24/7 operation, so are we. Any time of the day or night, we will be here to help you. Don’t let a tough time become even tougher: let us assist you through the process.

Call 714 656 3411 24/7.

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