Copper Thefts In Orange County

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On Thursday, law enforcement officials asked for assistance from the public in identifying a man who has been stealing copper from businesses from around the Santa Ana area. They believe he pretends to be a maintenance worker.
Orange County Deputies say surveillance footage recorded by a local non-profit organization caught the suspect committing the act over the summer.
What the camera shows is a white man pull up in his pickup truck. He is described as being in his late 40’s. The vehicle is believed to be a late model ford F150 with temporary plates.

The man gets out of his vehicle, and takes a ladder from the back of his truck. He then climbs to the top of the roof and begins to remove various metal fittings. In additions he stole hundreds of feet of copper wiring. The building had multiple air conditioners, which were connected by this copper wiring.

The city of Orange, Fountain Valley, and Cypress all have faced crimes very similar to this one. The investigators involved have said that the vehicle and all other descriptions match, and they believe it is the same man.

Investigators believe there are probably many more victims out there who are unaware their copper wiring has been stolen.

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