How Bail Works

An explanation of how bail bonds work

Orange County Bail Bonds
For residents of Orange County, bail bonds are used to allow individuals who are charged for breaking the law to remain free until the trial, instead of being incarcerated. The bail bond system involves a payment made by relatives or friends of the charged person in exchange for temporary freedom. The family member or friend who makes the payment is called an indemnitor and if this individual does not have the necessary sum to post bail, the help of a bail agent can be requested, who can provide a loan.

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Things can happen in the following order: first, an Orange County Bail Bonds agent is contacted by the relative or friend of the defendant who wants to make the payment. Second. the agreement is signed and the bail is posted. The agent receives a small percentage of the whole sum. Once the agreement is signed, the agent must post a bond, in order to guarantee the return of the defendant in the day of the trial.

The money can be replaced by assets and the value is decided by the court. The agency is responsible for the defendant’s presence in court after the freedom period ends. If the defendant does not show up in the day of the trial, a bounty hunter can be hired for finding the individual. Orange County is in the United States, one of the the few countries in which bounty hunting is still approved.

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Orange County bail bonds are financial agreements made for releasing a criminal defendant from jail. This will be arranged by the bail agent, who will act for the defendant in court. In the case in which bailout money cannot be recovered, an agency can have the right of claiming assets that were owned by the defendant. The system can be great for people who are charged, but they are actually innocent, as they do not have to spend time in jail.

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