Orange County Attorney Arrested


A trial began in Santa Ana today where the Orange County District Attorney’s Office is accusing an attorney of attempting to get a woman in Irvine busted on drug charges. The man, Kent Easter, supposedly planted drugs in her vehicle, according to prosecutors. The defendant was seen writing down notes during the trial. Easter, 40, listened as the prosecuting attorney described the alleged criminal act. The woman worked for the Parent Teacher Association at the same Irvine school where the child of the defendant went.
The prosecutor stated that Easter hid drugs in the female’s car, & then called the police department in Irvine. He reported that she was swerving in the road, and believed she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. There was a tape of a man’s voice when he called the Irvine Police department. The caller used a false name, and called from a location near his place of employment.

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