Orange County Dui Lab Errors


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Errors Found In Orange County Crime Lab

The level of blood alcohol in lab work done by the Orange County Crime Lab(OCCL) has been called into question. This comes on the heels of the admission of a mistake that may come into play in many Orange County DUI prosecutions. This most recent mistake may prove to be a stumbling block in nearly one hundred DUI cases. A testing machine calibration was off by .001. Although described as a “tiny” error, it is not a tiny error to those who have been arrested in Orange County.

Approximately 2 weeks ago, it was discovered that the results being put out by the lab for months had been inaccurate. A data point that was supposed to be entered into the software of one of the machines during a routine calibration. That failure resulted in a .003 percentage error. The Orange County District Attorney was forced to send out nearly 1,000 letters to people who had either been convicted or had cases pending since last May.

No information has been released on whether or not those who were convicted or arrested as a result of this mistake will be reimbursed for the money they had to pay to Santa Ana Bail Bonds companies.
According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, this last error by the OCCL will directly affect 9 cases where the incorrect results pushed up lab results above the .08% limit. Some criminal lawyers state that they will take another look at some of their cases. There has been no mention of the effect these errors have had on people who had to search for Bail Bonds in Santa Ana.

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