Orange County Soccer Coach Arrested

ronnie gamez orange county
A man who coached multiple girls’ soccer clubs was arrested Wednesday March 26th 2014 for allegedly performing lewd acts on a minor. The arrest took place in Laguna Nigel.
The Man, 27 year old Ronnie Gamez, was a coach for teams that ranged in age from 11 to 17 year old girls. The allegations came to light after police were alerted by the parents of one of Gamez’ alleged victims. According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Gamez was involved in communications with the child. An inappropriate relationship began in February of 2014. The relationship lasted for nearly a month. The OCSD is actively trying to find out if there are any other victims.

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Orange County Sexual Assault Suspect In Court

Assault suspect appears in Santa Ana Court

A man suspected in 2 separate sex assaults in the Orange County area was in an Orange County Courtroom on Tuesday, December 19th, 2013. The assaults happened last week. The name of the suspect is Raymond Boykin.

assault suspect orange county bail bonds

Boykin, in the above mugshot,  is 18 years old, and he has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman on Friday, December 13th, 2013. After allegedly assaulting her, the woman’s car was stolen. This happened just outside of an Anaheim church. Boykin attempted to evade Orange County law enforcement both in the victim’s car, as well as on foot. He was arrested shortly afterward when he was discovered hiding in a local apartment.
According to the Santa Ana Police Department, the suspect also assaulted a woman in a parking garage at a local Santa Ana mall. Boykin has been charged with multiple felonies, including:

  • Grand theft of an automobile
  • Robbery
  • Driving recklessly while trying to escape the police
  • 2 counts of sexual assault

Boykin could face life in a California State Prison if convicted on all charges.

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Santa Ana Sexual Assault

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Cops in Santa Ana are exploring a record that a female was robbed and sexually attacked in an auto parking lot at Westfield MainPlace shopping center. Authorities were directed to the Orange County Mall at approximately 5:00 p.m. on the evening of Wednesday, December 11th. The female stated she was
getting stepping into her auto when a suspicious man forced her right into the automobile. He presumably displayed some sort of weapon and sexually attacked her.

The female had the ability to get away from the scene and get right into in the vehicle of one more customers, who promptly called cops. The suspicious man took a few of the woman’s items prior to running away the mall. Investigators are assessing photos from monitoring video cameras in the location. A description of the suspicious man was not readily available.

The Mall claimed in a declaration, “Our shoppers’ safety is extremely important, however we are relaying every little thing to Santa Ana Police Department.”. Authorities encouraged people who are doing holiday shopping to constantly be mindful of their environment. “If you’ve got your cellular phone with you, hold it directly in your hands near to your self,” claimed a Santa Ana Police Department spokesperson. “If the possibility arises, stay with a colleague. If you’re uneasy, ask the mall security officers for assistance.”. The spokesperson stated there would certainly be elevated safety at the shopping center due to the case.

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Santa Ana Father Arrested


On Thursday November 10th 2013, a man was arrested nt the Santa Ana Police Department. The charge is attempted homicide. On the morning of November 1st 2013 the man, identified as Andres Tafoya, was babysitting his infant child while the infant’s mother was at work. The infant is only 2 months old. According to an Orange County spokesperson, it was during this time that Tafoya repeatedly struck his daughter in the head. The young victim was brought to the hospital by Tafoya himself, although he fled the scene before police officers were able to arrive. His young child was admitted with critical head and head injuries.
On Sunday, Tafoya was surprised when he found out that police officers had discovered where he was staying. He was immediately arrested for attempted murder. As of today, Monday 11th 2013, Tafoya remained in the Orange County Central Jail complex in Santa Ana. details on any Santa Ana Bail Bonds arrangements are unknown at this time.



Facts about Santa Ana, California:

  • In 1769, the town was named after Saint Anne
  • The town was initially developed for cows to graze on
  • The city of Santa Ana was incorporated in 1886
  • Santa Ana is the county seat of Orange Couty, California

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Dana Point Explosion




A man from Dana Point was taken to the hospital after an explosion in Orange County. several homes near the explosion were damaged. The detectives looking into the case believe it was an illegal hash lab.
When emergency rescue teams arrived at the scene, the injured man was already out of the home. the explosion happened in the garage of the house. The injured man is thirty one years old. The neighbor who helped the victim out of the fire had to break windows to access the garage.
The victim was brought to the hospital in Santa Ana where his condition is listed as serious.

Authorities have not yet said whether or not anyone will be arrested, and as of November 9th, 2013, no one has been booked. As of now, the victim doesn’t appear to need the services of an Orange County Bail Bonds company.

More information about Dana Point, California:


dana point crimes maps picture

dana point crimes maps picture

Picture of Dana Point


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Cypress Resident Arrested

A man from Cypress, California was arrested for kidnapping and robbery.

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Irvine Women Shot At By Stranger


Violent Assault on the 5 Freeway; Minor Injuries Reported

Jury Selection Begins In Orange County Murder Case

Santa Ana Jury Selection Begins

Santa Ana Student Assaulted



This happened yesterday:

Santa Ana Student Assaulted

Terrorism Suspect Arrested In Santa Ana

Terrorism Suspect Arrested In Santa Ana


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Copper Thefts In Orange County

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On Thursday, law enforcement officials asked for assistance from the public in identifying a man who has been stealing copper from businesses from around the Santa Ana area. They believe he pretends to be a maintenance worker.
Orange County Deputies say surveillance footage recorded by a local non-profit organization caught the suspect committing the act over the summer.
What the camera shows is a white man pull up in his pickup truck. He is described as being in his late 40’s. The vehicle is believed to be a late model ford F150 with temporary plates.

The man gets out of his vehicle, and takes a ladder from the back of his truck. He then climbs to the top of the roof and begins to remove various metal fittings. In additions he stole hundreds of feet of copper wiring. The building had multiple air conditioners, which were connected by this copper wiring.

The city of Orange, Fountain Valley, and Cypress all have faced crimes very similar to this one. The investigators involved have said that the vehicle and all other descriptions match, and they believe it is the same man.

Investigators believe there are probably many more victims out there who are unaware their copper wiring has been stolen.

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Other Orange County News


Another Man Charged in Death of Santa Ana Woman


Another man has been charged with the fatal shooting of Nancy Hammour, of Santa Ana. On Labor Day, the woman’s body was discovered underneath the Bay Bridge, which is located in Newport Beach. Court records that were obtained on Friday confirmed this.

The man, 25 year old Irvin Tellez, was charged in the death of Hammour. He was also charged for attempted murder. This was for the shooting of a Santa Ana woman, aged 31. She was shot on the exact same day as the body of Nancy Hammour was discovered.

“Our investigators believe that these two crimes are connected. We believe that the same people who tried murder our victim also murdered Ms. Hammour”, Cpl. Anthony Bertagna of the Santa Ana Police Department stated.

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Costa Mesa Bank Robbery

October 10, 2013-

COSTA MESA – Costa Mesa Law Enforcement responded to a call for help on Harbor Boulevard Wednesday morning, a police spokesman said. It was a robbery in progress in Costa Mesa,  states Lt. Bryan Glass of the Costa Mesa Police Department.

Police responded to a local branch of Citibank in the 2700 block of Harbor Boulevard. The suspect who robbed the bank is still being sought.




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How Bail Works

An explanation of how bail bonds work

Orange County Bail Bonds
For residents of Orange County, bail bonds are used to allow individuals who are charged for breaking the law to remain free until the trial, instead of being incarcerated. The bail bond system involves a payment made by relatives or friends of the charged person in exchange for temporary freedom. The family member or friend who makes the payment is called an indemnitor and if this individual does not have the necessary sum to post bail, the help of a bail agent can be requested, who can provide a loan.

arraignment procedures orange county
Things can happen in the following order: first, an Orange County Bail Bonds agent is contacted by the relative or friend of the defendant who wants to make the payment. Second. the agreement is signed and the bail is posted. The agent receives a small percentage of the whole sum. Once the agreement is signed, the agent must post a bond, in order to guarantee the return of the defendant in the day of the trial.

The money can be replaced by assets and the value is decided by the court. The agency is responsible for the defendant’s presence in court after the freedom period ends. If the defendant does not show up in the day of the trial, a bounty hunter can be hired for finding the individual. Orange County is in the United States, one of the the few countries in which bounty hunting is still approved.

orange county jail
Orange County bail bonds are financial agreements made for releasing a criminal defendant from jail. This will be arranged by the bail agent, who will act for the defendant in court. In the case in which bailout money cannot be recovered, an agency can have the right of claiming assets that were owned by the defendant. The system can be great for people who are charged, but they are actually innocent, as they do not have to spend time in jail.

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