Cypress Man Arrested For Kidnapping

Orange County Man Arrested

On Saturday, a male twenty four year old kidnapped a female friend, and then stole her purse after putting a knife to her throat. After she was kidnapped, she was driven around parts of Santa Ana and Orange County. Law enforcement state that Jeremy Turner, the suspect, knew the woman. The woman lives in Costa Mesa. A little after midnight, she allowed the suspect into her home and later agreed to let Turner take her and her vehicle to a home on Valley View St. in Cypress.
As the woman and the suspect were leaving the home, Turner became furious and prevented the woman from leaving. To keep her under control, Turner held a knife to the woman’s throat, causing her to feel she was about to be killed, according to a Cypress Police Officer.
After the initial violent encounter, the suspect forced the woman into the car and spent the next several hours driving her to multiple Orange County cities.
After a few hours, Turner drove into a parking lot on Goldenwest St., which is located in Westminster. The time was half past 7:00am. The woman had an opportunity to escape, and she fled to a local CHP office.
The Westminster Police Department was notified by the CHP, and Turner was soon found in the Victim’s car. He was arrested at that point.
According to police, Turner had the woman’s money on him, and her purse was still in her car. They also found the weapon used to assault the female friend. he was arrested for robbery and kidnapping. Because Turner was on parole at the time of the incident, he was also placed on a parole hold.


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