Orange County Indecent Exposure Case



Law Enforcement in Orange, California say the case of  indecent exposure against a 24 year old male is currently deemed a sexual assault. The crime, which happened in an area Wal-Mart, was increased from indecent exposure following the allegation from the thirteen year old child who said she was touched inappropriately after exposing himself.  

The crime happened 3 weeks ago at the Wal-Mart located on North Tustin Rd.  

The Orange Police Department claimed the man, who had not been identified until Tuesday, October 22nd, showed his genitals to the victim, and later fondled himself. The child afterwards informed Investigators that the man had  also inappropriately touched her. 

The man went so far as to rub against the child,  which is why it is a much more significant crime. This statement was made by a spokesperson for the Orange Police Department. The suspect will also be charged with assaulting a minor who is under the age of fourteen. 

Police state that at the time of the crime, the grandmother of the 13 year old had taken her out shopping. The grandmother was in the clothing section for women when the man came towards her multiple times. A camera that was in place specifically for surveillance filmed the man exiting the store because the victim immediately went to let her grandmother know what had just happened.


Buyers were being stunned that a thing of this type could transpire at their local retail store. 

“I shop here all the time. I consider it to be MY local Wal-Mart” stated a long-time Yorba Linda resident. “I was simply stunned when I saw the story on the evening news.” 

Authorities do not believe this is the only time this man has committed a crime like this..The man was

described to Police as a male Hispanic, possibly in his thirties or fourties, and between 5’10” and 6 feet tall. His hair was described as brown, short, and dark. He was last spotted leaving in a Honda Accord, which was dark in color. 

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