Santa Ana DUI Arrest

DUI Arrest in Santa Ana

If you are arrested anywhere in Orange County, California for Driving Under the Influence, there are several things you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • Breathalyzer Test
  • Penalties for DUI
  • What to do After You’ve Been Arrested

If a person is detained for driving while impaired of liquor or illegal drugs for the first-time, he might be asking himself what is next and what steps he should take. Most drivers get imprisoned for driving under the influence of alcohol worldwide. Drunk driving laws are really strict and it is strictly against the law to drink and drive. Let’s take a look on those situations that a suspect will encounter after having a DUI arrest.

Breathalyzer Test

A Santa Ana Police Officer or an Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy is going to have you do a breathalyzer test immediately where you are pulled over if drinking is suspected. In many states in the USA it is unlawful to drive the motorized vehicle having your BAC(Blood Alcohol Content) at or equal to 0.08%. In case the breathalyzer reading ends at 0.08%, you could possibly experience a DWI conviction inside the Orange County Courtroom. In a few states, arrestees are charged with DWI(driving while intoxicated). Nevertheless, these words mean the same thing and applied alternately in various states. No matter whether you seemed intoxicated or drunk during the time of arrest, when a BAC of 0.08% or higher any place in Santa Ana the person arrested is affected by what are known as “per se” laws.

The Penalties

After having a DWI conviction, you are going to confront several DUI fines that will be charged on the suspect according to the time and intensity of his criminal offense. For instance, DWI penalties for a suspect who has never been arrested before are less severe when compared with second wrongdoing fines. These fines consist of big monetary penalties, payments that must be made to the courts, and the loss of the suspect’s California driver’s license. In certain states, a mandatory imprisonment sentence is charged on convicted motorists. The suspect will find different facets that impact the level of fines that he will be likely to encounter. In some instances, convicted persons are subject to be put on DWI probation. In general, a DWI sentence can be quite costly for the suspect and it might cause him to suffer severe financial hardship. On top of all of these costs, the suspect’s family will need to locate a bail bonds company in Santa Ana.

Criminal DWI Defense

The one thing that the convict may do to defend himself from the DWI violations that you will be dealing with in the court would be to seek the services of an experienced Santa Ana DWI attorney. The attorney may refer the suspect to a Santa Ana Bail Bonds company. The arrestee should keep in mind the legal terminology utilized in a DWI case could be hard to comprehend. The attorney can assist the accused to put together a powerful DWI defense towards all of the charges that he will be confronting.


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