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According to campus safety officers, a suspect, who remains unknown, forced a student to drive him to a nearby store to get a charger for a cell phone.

The crime happened just before 8:00 pm in a parking lot just south of the football field. Initially, the student was asked if she had a cell phone charger. She told the suspect she didn’t have a charger, so he decided to force him to driver her to a store close to campus to steal one.

Once the victim left the store, the suspect had disappeared. Fortunately, the student wasn’t harmed in the incident.

During this time of evening, there are typically 3 officers who patrol the campus. This is according to the security supervisor.

Having just 3 security officers leaves approximately 20 acres and four parking lots per security officer.

The police have a description of the suspect. He is described as having brown eyes and black hair. He appeared to be in his early twenties, Hispanic, and about 5’11”.


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