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How To Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney In Santa Ana

How To Find And Hire An Orange County DUI Lawyer in Orange County California
Regardless if you are facing minor or serious criminal charges, it is strongly advised to hire an Orange County DUI Attorney as soon as you get arrested. One of the benefits of being released with the assistance of a Santa Ana Bail Bonds agent is that you will have the resources and time to find the right attorney.

Can I buy my freedom?
While hiring an Orange County DUI lawyer would be definitely much better than representing yourself, the payment for legal representation does not mean that you are done with the case and free to go. Santa Ana lawyers are there to legally represent you. While many of them might be able to give you an “estimate” related to possible outcome of your case, none of them can guarantee 100% that you are going to be free to walk out with no time served or with no conviction left on your criminal record. Throughout this entire criminal process, make sure you are staying in contact with your Santa Ana Bail Bonds agent. It takes time to review case details and on many occasions defendants start defending themselves upfront to their own lawyer by not providing realistic scenario of what happened at the time right before they got arrested by Orange County deputies. In return the lawyer will most likely give a cheesy verbal response about the outcome, while the defendant is writing his first check for lawyer’s legal representation. The whole situation looks like “win-win”, but in reality it is not.

Should I trust to my lawyer?
As previously stated, you are paying a lawyer for his time invested in your case. Paying a lawyer should never be considered as purchasing insurance and the ticket out from serving the time. First and foremost, check the background of your lawyer. How long he has been practicing criminal law? What was the outcome of the most similar case to yours that he handled? Does he file motions to try to have the Orange County Bail Bonds amount reduced? If any of your good and trustworthy friends ever had a criminal case and hired an Attorney who achieved a good outcome at the end – you should consider hiring the same attorney for your case as well. No advertising would help an attorney expand his business like “word of mouth”. This way of finding legal help goes for finding a licensed Santa Ana Bail Bonds representative. Use word of mouth.

Trust yourself and your instincts
While you have an initial consultation with your Orange County DUI Attorney, you are not there just to present your case to a potential legal representative, you’re supposed to be evaluating if he is going to be the right one to take your case. If you don’t feel comfortable or if you feel pressured by an Attorney- like that you just got inside of some car dealership – trust your instincts and look further. A good lawyer is the one who is patient, does not look desperate or starving to take just any case that comes around in order to feel-up his valet! After all, you came to an individual to whom you suppose to trust and not a car dealer. So “instinct” plays an important role. Just like you used “instinct” when you chose which Santa Ana Bail Bonds agent to use, so it goes with criminal defense attorneys.

How much does it cost for an Orange County DUI lawyer to represent me?
First and foremost, the cost will depend on the level of charge. A misdemeanor would definitely be “cheaper” than a felony. The second thing would be the underlying circumstances of your case, if the plea bargain would be acceptable from your side or the case would go to trial as well as the complexity of the case itself. Some cases might be closed with only two court hearings, while some of them might require long defense procedures and a lot of work. The quicker your criminal case is complete, the quicker you will get your collateral back from the Santa Ana Bail Bonds company you used to get bailed out.

Public defender vs private Attorney
A wise man once said: “You get what you pay for”. Unfortunately, that is applicable to our defense system as well. If you do not have financial means to hire a private Orange County DUI Attorney, a public defender would be assigned to you at the public cost. What would be the difference between public and private Attorney? Am I going to get the same quality of legal representation if I decide to go with a “free option”? There should be no difference in representation; however the reality is something different. Many public defenders are overloaded with cases and also paid “fixed amount” for their work regardless how many defendants they represent, since they are considered as employees that work for an institution. On many occasions they even do not act like a real “defense”, but rather a middle person in plea bargain negotiation process between the prosecutor and the defendant. If you decide not to take a plea bargain and take your case to trial, the public defender supposes to do his best during the trial proceedings. Many of them prefer not to go to on trial, since that requires a lot of work. On the other hand, it is expected that the private Attorney has closer relationship with his defendant and make more effort to reach the best possible outcome. A good private Orange County DUI lawyer should give you the most realistic picture about the outcome of your case. Sometimes, he might also give you a suggestion not to take your case to the trial, but rather accept a lesser charge, close the case, and get your collateral back from your Santa Ana Bail Bonds agent. That usually happens when the lawyer believes that the prosecutor has enough evidence to charge you with more serious charges and there is a great chance for you to serve long sentence. Taking a public defender instead of a private Attorney does not necessary mean that you have settled for less. There are many good public defenders out-there, but to be realistic – the chances are that you would have a better outcome for your case if you go with a private Attorney instead of a public defender. Choosing the right Orange County DUI Attorney might be one of the most important decisions in your life. Between that and choosing the right Orange County Bail Bonds company, the choices you make may be deciding factors of how long your sentence is.
After all, it is still the best option to hire a private Orange County DUI Attorney to represent you as soon as possible. The second option would be to take a public defender, but only if you cannot afford a private Attorney. It is better to have any type of defense than to try to represent yourself.

by Chuck Portola

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